The Death Zone

The North Face of Mt Everest has a reputation as one of the world’s toughest climbs. This was the challenge Matt Dickinson took on when he went to film a documentary for Channel 4 and National Geographic television.

The ten week expedition took him to the limits of human endurance when a killer storm swept the peak, leaving eight people dead. It was the worst twenty four hours in the history of the mountain.

Against all the odds, film maker Matt Dickinson and professional climber Alan Hinkes managed, along with their three man Sherpa team, to battle through hurricane force winds to reach the summit.

Matt Dickinson became the first Briton to film on the summit and return alive.

The Death Zone is his gripping account of the ascent.


  • “Dickinson’s book reads like a thriller, pacy and exciting, giving a good flavour of the sublime misery of climbing at extreme altitude. It is a real page turner...fresh and vivid.”
    The Guardian
  • “A very likeable book....his account, The Death Zone, is amiable and entertaining...his excitement at being there is infectious...The Death Zone is a good book.”
    Times Literary Supplement
  • “This is a gripping account of filming -- and surviving -- in the death zone.”
    Mail on Sunday