Black Ice

Deep beneath the Antarctic Ice cap, scientist Lauren Burgess has discovered a secret which could change the face of human knowledge. Then a desperate mayday call comes in. Two explorers are stranded out on the ice, and a rescue is their only hope.

Lauren is forced to put her ground-breaking scientific programme on hold as she leads the rescue mission into the frozen void.

One of the dying men is Julian Fitzgerald, quintessential British hero and explorer of high repute. Fitzgerald is a PR dream, and a man who stands to lose everything if the truth about his latest expedition is known.

Winter is just days away, and seven months of permanent night is about to fall across this coldest and most extreme of continents. The pressure of total isolation gradually takes its toll, and as Fitzgerald's true, dark nature is revealed, Lauren finds herself fighting- not just for the dramatic ecological discovery that has been her life's work, but for the very lives of her team.

  • "It makes for exciting and fascinating reading: a really taut thriller full of suspense and genuinely exciting."
    Publishing News
  • “Gripping.”
    Sunday Times
  • “A damn fine read.”