High Risk

In a single day of awesome destruction, nature’s fury is unleashed on opposite sides of the earth. On Mount Everest, a brutal storm rages, while in Alaska a catastrophic avalanche rips through the state.

In her London home, television presenter Josie Turner waits for news of her tycoon husband who is stranded high on Everest. In a remote Alaskan valley, avalanche expert Hal Maher is involved in a nail-biting rescue.

When the carnage ends, Josie and Hal find their lives upside down. When they meet, a fragile alliance is formed. Hal is an ex-Everest guide who promised himself he would never go back. Josie has deep-set reasons of her own to confront the ultimate peak.

The siren call of Everest binds Josie and Hal together in a summit bid which puts them in mortal danger. Their attempt becomes a desperate fight for survival.

Written with Matt Dickinson’s first hand knowledge of what it’s like to climb to the summit of Mount Everest, this is a breathtaking first novel of rare power and intensity from the best selling author of The Death Zone.

  • "A first novel of rare power and intensity"
    The Irish Times
  • "Compelling and action-filled"
    The Daily Mail