News update


Matt Dickinson has signed a new three book deal with Oxford University Press for his high adrenaline thriller series Mortal Chaos. The first book in the series—GROUND RUSH—will be available in Feb 2012. Check out the video promo for the series in the films section below.

These are some of the reactions from the Mortal Chaos focus group (pre-publication copies):

  • “Totally gripping—once I started reading I could not put it down.”
    (Victoria Wainright—student)
  • “I really enjoyed the end of the book when the real disaster strikes.”
    (Louise Foster—student)
  • “I managed to read it in only two hours without the gaps and that is my way of saying I really enjoyed it.”
    (Rosie Kaye/student)
  • “Crazy, radical, an awesome book.”
    (Sean Riley/student)